Humanizing Technology Recruiting

When most people think about tech recruiting, they think about skills. Complex projects require deep and robust skill sets, but they also require the right people.

Some say recruitment is an art form. Others say it’s a science. We believe it’s a craft.

An Elevated Process for Evolving Needs

Technology needs are constantly evolving, which means the recruiting process must evolve to keep pace. By curating an elevated candidate experience, TalentCraft connects you with the talent needed to meet your technology challenges.

Our proprietary process goes beyond skill match. We leverage technology, screening and a deep set of criteria that includes personal alignment. Other firms focus on sourcing as many resumes as possible. TalentCraft has curated an elite network of talent who have the domain expertise helping businesses solve their unique challenges.


TalentCraft leverages a sophisticated mix of technology, tools and personal relationship-building to connect with talented consultants.


When we identify skilled consultants in our core areas of expertise, we interview them to learn more about their experiences and unique goals.

Skill Assessment

Consultants who meet our stringent criteria are thoroughly vetted to confirm skills and experience.

Fit Assessment

When we identify potential matches, we dig deeper to ensure candidates are a true match for project, team and company.


Each consultant we present will uniquely meet your requirements and organizational needs.  We achieve this by applying our consultative approach to understanding your business and the specific strengths and needs of our consultants.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Delivery
  • Software Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data & Analytics


Hire skilled professionals with unique expertise for projects of any length. Every consultant is selected based on both skill and personal alignment with your organization and team.


Evaluate a consultant before committing to a permanent offer. Remove hiring risks by seeing firsthand how a consultant performs on the job and meshes with your team.

Direct Placement

Streamline your hiring process. TalentCraft can handle talent sourcing and screening for you, presenting you with only the most qualified and aligned technical professionals.

TalentCraft is headquartered in Chicago and serves dynamic organizations the country. Locally grown and nationally crafted, we will help you achieve your strategic recruiting goals.

Ready to elevate your tech recruiting processes?